The mission

Even in the European Union, women are underrepresented in decision-making positions, particularly in politics and business. In 2016, women accounted for 29% of members of the single or lower houses of parliament. In business leadership, women accounted for just 23.3% of board members of the largest companies (EU Commission). There are several causes for the underrepresentation of women in decision-making positions such as traditional gender roles, stereotypes and the lack of education and adequate structures.

Our goal is to ensure women’s equal access to and full participation in power structures and to increase women’s capacity to participate in decision-making and leadership.

Our work

We support the Sustainable Developments Goals, focusing on goal number 5: gender equality.



We promote the G20 women empowerment new policies such as:

G20 Initiative #eSkills4Girls (English / German)

Women’s Entrepreneurship Facility (English)


g20 germany

We create training for future young leaders

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We organize mentoring and networking meetings



We develop gender-friendly policies both on a national and international level