American Fellowships Postdoctoral Research

American Fellowships Postdoctoral Research Leave Fellowships Application Instructions

AAUW’s American Fellowships program has been in existence since 1888, making it the oldest noninstitutional source of graduate funding for women in the United States. The program provides fellowships for women pursuing full-time study to complete dissertations, conducting postdoctoral research full time, or preparing research for publication for eight consecutive weeks.

The primary purpose of the Postdoctoral Research Leave Fellowship is to increase the number of women in tenure-track faculty positions and to promote equality for women in higher education. This fellowship is designed to assist the candidate in obtaining tenure and further promotions by enabling her to spend a year pursuing independent research.

The American Fellowships panel meets once a year to review applications for funding. Awards are based on the selection criteria outlined here. The panel’s recommendations are subject to final approval by the AAUW Board of Directors. Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis according to funds available in a given fiscal year. To ensure a fair and objective review process, AAUW does not comment on the deliberations of its award panels. No provisions exist for reconsidering fellowship proposals after the board has acted. AAUW does not provide evaluations of successful or unsuccessful applications.

Applications and supporting documents become the sole property of AAUW and will not be returned or held for another year.

In selecting fellowship recipients, the following criteria will be considered:

Applicant’s scholarly excellence
Quality of project design
Originality of project
Scholarly significance of project to the discipline
Feasibility of project and proposed schedule
Qualifications of applicant
Applicant’s commitment to women’s issues in the profession/community
Applicant’s mentoring of other women
Applicant’s teaching experience
Potential of applicant to make a significant contribution to the field
The primary criterion for fellowship awards is scholarly excellence. When comparing proposals of equal merit for Postdoctoral Research Leave Fellowships, the review panel will give special consideration to women holding junior academic appointments who are seeking research leave, women who have held the doctorate for at least three years, and women whose educational careers have been interrupted. For Postdoctoral Research Leave Fellowships, preference will also be given to projects that are not simply a revision of the doctoral dissertation. Applications are reviewed by distinguished scholars and should be prepared accordingly.

Award: $ 30,000

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